Tantra Hub

An invitation to explore and re~discover Body, Love and Sex in the warm arms of the Tantra Hub.

The Tantra Hub is a safe and exclusive community space, off your usual social media channels, in which like – hearted people are invited to journey together to explore body, love & sex in the richest experiences available to us. 

Together we move beyond the limitations of…

Poor body image.
Lack of self worth, care and love.
Fear of intimacy.
Past sexual trauma.
Debilitating experiences and beliefs around sex and body.
Relationship, body and sexual anxiety.
Disconnection from self and others.
Resistance and self destructive behaviours.
Loss of creative mojo and life lustre.
Self restricted capacity for pleasure.

This private group is designed to support you to:

Come home to your skin and bones.

Create a sense of ease and belonging in body and sex.
Expand and explore your sex beyond the act, past traumas and outdated beliefs, returning to the aliveness of sexual freedom.
Establish a rich internal connection with self.
Experience a self trust that enables you to navigate through the world feeling self assured.
A desire and willingness to create and relate.
Allow an approach of curiosity, wonder and play.
Create a strong, loving and resourceful connection to self, that sustains and enables safe relationships with others and the world.

A few core conversations that we will share

How to relate with our bodies beyond shame.
Creating intimacy with others through self love.
Owning our sex, so we may share with a full YES.