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Sands Of Time.

If we take a moment to reflect upon the sands of time of our life, we will notice there is a presence to us … A being~ness to who we are, that remains consistent in it’s spark, no matter what age we are, what our appearance is, or where in the world we are. This […]

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buddha flower

Tantric Life ~ Ritual.

Many moons ago, the word Ritual for me personally repelled me. It felt tied up with my aversion to religion. And my stubborn nature in “having to do” and totally against my wild desire for spontaneous. I notice also in the “everyday couple” not seeking a Tantric Way particularly but a  richer depth of connection […]

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Tell Me What You Want.

My three boys were all most wonderfully home for Sunday brunch … two of them are experiencing feeling stuck and it was obvious as they spoke how torn they feel. My eldest spoke up and said to them both “Don’t tell me what you think you should do.  Tell me what you want to do.” The […]

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Labels. Duality of Life

Dropping The Labels.

Good, bad, joy, grief are all labels we give that keep us in judgement of the moment & in non acceptance from what is … They all define how we choose to look at things. And therefore can create a “clinging on” rather than a graceful ability to move with …  our labels can cause suffering […]

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