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The Tantra Hub Membership

£11.99 / month with a 10-day free trial


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The Tantra Hub is your sacred sanctuary to tenderly explore your body, your sexuality and your sensuality in new, life enriching ways.




I offer you a deeply honoured and confidential space to learn :

To love your body as a sacred body and have an unconditional relationship of love.

To know and meet yourself and others from body, sensuality and presence.

To explore and know love, sex and intimacy in new life enriching ways.

To have an authentic experience of Tantra, as a lifestyle beyond the bedroom.

To deepen your relationship with yourself, others and life.

To have the daily simplistic  tools to hold your own sexual and body stories and wounds.

To rise up into a new, higher sexual understanding and consciousness.

To adventure into the fullest experience of who you are.



What You will receive Upon joining:

Exclusive Online membership.

Question and answer sessions with Michelle Roberton.

Instant access to all Tantra Workshops available in the shop.

Instant access to all Tantric method and meditation Mp3s.

A download of “Stepping Stones To You.”   (available on Amazon.)

Monthly Video Workshop.

A members discount code for all online courses and events.


An essential ingredient to us feeling we can let go of our grasp on the beliefs we hold about our body, our sexuality and who we authentically are, is having that safe space to go to.  

To ask freely, knowing we will not be judged.  

This is the Tantra Hub. 

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Monthly membership:  £11.99 with a 10 day free trial


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