Orgasmic Man Bundle


Is this for you?

Yes absolutely!

There are no special requirements, no belief system necessary …

just you and your body and willingness to re~write all that you were taught at school.

We will look at:

Your relationship with your body.

Your relationship with masturbation.

Your relationship with others.

What it means to be a multi orgasmic man … and most importantly how!

It will support you with:

Lack of connection to your body.

Lack of connection to your sex.

Body shame.

Fear of intimacy.

Premature ejaculation.

Erectile dysfunction.

Anxiety around sexual performance.

Your levels of happiness and creativity.


Your quality of life and sexual interactions.

The Orgasmic Man Bundle:

Purposely designed to ensure you receive the supportive and nurturing environment you need to integrate each part of the process as a whole, gently unravelling and attending to your individual resistance, shame or trauma.


Instant access to all 13 videos and audio.

6 weekly 1:1 zoom calls for extra teachings and support suited to your needs.

Your investment:


Once your payment has been received, I will contact you directly to organise our sessions via email.

Work with me 1:1