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Guided Meditations for Children


Created by Michelle Roberton – Jones & Llewellyn. Paradise Music.

These 10 fun short guided meditations offer children a chance to interact and really explore their imagination. In this first series we are introduced to Eeny, Meeny, Miny and little Mo in the Enchanted Forest. We then discover the wishing tree, the magic paintbrush and even a dragon with a bad cough!


“I really enjoyed listening to all three of the CDs because they helped to calm me down. They are excellent & teach right from wrong as well as being soothing & really relaxing” Lewis Jackson, aged 10.
Soul & Spirit July 2009

“Listening to a track from the CD gives the children time to reflect on their morning. They are calm and relaxed, ready for the afternoon lessons.”  Anne Fryatt. Infant School teacher

“The angel lady’s voice helps me feel calm when my skin hurts.”   Keenan Flynn Age 5