Boobie Love


Many women find it a challenge to feel at ease with their breasts … Too big, too small, attract too much unwanted attention and so forth.

Yet our breasts are how we as women show up in the world with our unique fragrance.

Michelle created this workshop with the authentic “formula” of own journey of Boobie Love after having both her natural breasts removed due to breast cancer.

She found a love within her new breasts and for them she had never felt before. A Power she didn’t realise she had as a woman. And the sensitivity of which she was told she would never feel.

Michelle holds a space and invites you to delve into the journey of boobie love, sharing heart warming, tender ways in which to love and own our breasts.

Workshop time:  35 minutes.

Copyrighted to Michelle Roberton.  Music supplied by Jamie Catto.  Production by Echo Imagery.


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