Pamper Day For The Soul

A Delicious Day Of  “Soul Food” To Restore And Inspire Your Body And Soul.


Imagine a day lovingly designed to pamper your soul and re-ignite the flames of your creative spark.

A day to empower you to hear and follow the beat of your heart’s song.

A day to integrate your dreams into movement and your body, so that your actions come from a fresh space of be~ing and clarity.

Five women are weaving their gifts together to create a Pamper Day Especially For Your Soul.

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Itinerary For The Day:

10.30 ~ 1130

Opening Women’s Circle and Yoga.

We will begin our Soul Spa Day with an open circle ceremony.

Followed by a grounding yoga practice to invite your body and soul into a space of deep listening.

11.30 – 1230.
 Tantra and Shatki Yoga.
Michelle is a mother to four superstars and a dedicated lover of all things delicious and chocolatey.  Her passion stems from her own journey of discovering the medicine in the poison as she set it upon herself to reclaim her body, her sexuality and sensuality and express that in new, life enriching ways.
Michelle has been a body worker, Tantric Therapist and author/voice for Paradise Music for over a decade. She very much believes that our mind can only take us so far into any release of body trauma and healing of our sexuality. The discovery of who we authentically are is not hidden in our thoughts but in the sensuality and home of our body.
In this session Michelle will be inviting you to explore your creativity and sexuality as a warm energy in your body, where you may hear the whispers of inspiration.
12.30 – 1.30
 Womb Healing.
Melissa is a yoga teacher and medicine woman from Sussex. She specialises in womens’ cycles and sacred sexuality.  In this session you’ll be invited to release stress and clear emotional blockages in the womb through gentle movement, breathing and meditation. You’ll be introduced to a sensuality practice that you can take home with you, which can bring about deep healing in all areas of your life.
Read more about Melissa. 


1.30 – 230 Lunch.


  Chakra Dance.

Jess has come to Chakradance via movement classes and Jungian psychology at drama school. Add to that a trip to Australia’s Sunshine Coast and in recent years a love of yoga.
Having lived predominantly in her head in her 20s, Jess now lives embodied movement and Chakradance.
Jess has been delighted to discover through Chakradance, the (innate) healing power held in the body and ability to reconnect to our wild, authentic self and she is honoured to be sharing this ‘dance of the soul’ with others.

3.30 – 4.30

Women’s  Drumming.

Melonie is a woman’s healer from London. She specialises in sound healing, womb massage and energy healing. She will be providing reiki drum healing and bringing us together in circle to drum with the intention of connecting to our wombs, bringing about deep healing and insight. She will bring instruments but if you have a drum bring it with you. There is magic made when women come together and drum.

Read more about Melonie.


Holding For Healing. 

Helen Thatcher is a warm and welcoming workshop facilitator, with 15 years experience. She has a joyful and enthusiastic approach to life. She brings an attitude of gentleness and great kindness to her work and draws on a deep instinctive wisdom when teaching.

Helen is honoured to be rounding off this fabulous event with a group Holding for Healing session. She will guide a few very simple and safe exercises that will allow you to experience the huge benefits of giving and receiving loving touch. This will be an opportunity for us all to deeply integrate and embody the powerful effects of this collectively created day.

Read more about Helen.


Date, Time and Venue.

Sunday the 22nd of October 2017.

10.30 – 5.30.


3 Queen’s Place.




Morning Session Only: £45

Afternoon Session Only: £45

All Day: £85

All bookings must be made in advance as numbers are limited.

Please make payment via Paypal to 


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