Orgasmic Man

Welcome to Orgasmic Man.

Are you ready to explore your potential as a multi orgasmic man?

Hey. I am very excited you have landed on this page, in your exploration of what it means to be an orgasmic man.

This pathway matters deeply to me.  Your orgasmic potential as a man, matters deeply to me. 

For to live as a man restrained from your true orgasmic self, is to live a life, half lived and only ever experiencing a half lived potential of sex and creativity.  

This lack of our full sexual nature, is the hunger that makes us search and long for more, for something in us knows there is more to sex than the mechanics we have been taught.

What if you knew how to separate ejaculation from orgasm? 

What if you could make a conscious choice in how to express your sex in the world as a sexual being?

What if you could harness your sexual energy to feel greater vitality, pour into creative projects or awaken your genius?

What if you could let go of the BS pressures and beliefs of what it is to be a man, and what you should achieve, look like and suppress to be “manly”?


Dive deeper into the true meaning of your orgasmic nature

I have “travelled” alongside men in their joys and suffering, for 17 years.   Supporting the inquiry into their sexual self, beyond grief, fear of intimacy, performance pressures and anxiety, sex addictions, body dysmorphia, relationship fears. losses and “failures”.

I offer you an invitation to explore with me the possibilities of sex beyond your sex education and society’s “design” of what it is to be a man.

I desire to ease your anxieties about performance and being responsible for another’s pleasure. To enter into a new relationship with yourself, your body, Intimacy and sex.

This process is a way of life, not a sex technique to get “right”.  Men do not need more techniques for that just adds to sexual performance.

The exploration of Orgasmic Man, asks much more of you than that.  It has to be lived.  These methods become who you are.  Not what you DO.

Being an Orgasmic man expands beyond your experience in the bedroom and brings an euphoric sense of aliveness to your body and your everyday life.

It creates an environment for sex to be a rich, connected, fully satisfying meeting of heart, body and sex with another.  But first and foremost it begins with your relationship with you and the full ownership of your sexual self.


Orgasmic man offers a conscious choice for a man, to move beyond the basics of doing sex into being sex.

Is this for you?

Yes absolutely!

There are no special requirements, no belief system necessary …

just you and your body and willingness to re~write all that you were taught at school.

We will look at:

Your relationship with your body.

Your relationship with masturbation.

Your relationship with others.

What it means to be a multi orgasmic man … and most importantly how!

It will support you with:

Lack of connection to your body.

Lack of connection to your sex.

Body shame.

Fear of intimacy.

Premature ejaculation.

Erectile dysfunction.

Anxiety around sexual performance.

Your levels of happiness and creativity.


Your quality of life and sexual interactions.

What you will receive:

13 video classes with simple steps that you can integrate into your daily life.

Audios to support methods discussed in videos.

15 minutes of one to one chat time with myself, taken as and when required for extra support or questions.

(Extra one to one time can be purchased.)

Your Investment:


For lifetime access and an orgasmic life!

For further understanding on what it means to be a multi ~ orgasmic man here is this short video.

Want extra 1:1 support?

The Orgasmic Man Bundle:

Purposely designed to ensure you receive the supportive and nurturing environment you need to integrate each part of the process as a whole, gently unravelling and attending to your individual resistance, shame or trauma.


Instant access to all 13 videos and audio.

6 weekly 1:1 zoom calls for extra teachings and support suited to your needs.

Your investment:


Once your payment has been received, I will contact you directly to organise our sessions via email.

Work with me 1:1



“Hi Michelle,

I’ve been meaning to contact you for a while to share my good news. I have a lover, and we’ve been making wonderful, natural, pleasurable love and intimacy together for the past few months. I never considered that this wondrous joy was possible for me.

I really want to thank you for the help that you’ve given me to open myself up to an awareness of sensual pleasure much less shackled by conventional learning.

I give you my heartfelt thanks. You’re a wonderful person.”


“The most astonishing thing about my journey so far with Michelle has been my willingness to trust her completely within minutes of meeting her. Not only that, but I also placed my body and spirit entirely in her hands and expressed my desire to listen, to learn and to accept her as my tantric guide at my very first visit. This says a lot more about Michelle than it does about me. I have found some of her guidance hard but have followed it to the letter in good faith in the belief that it is helping me to become a  more open and aware person than I was before. The greatest compliment I can pay to Michelle is not for her intuitive guidance, nor her angelic sacred touch, nor her soothing divine caress, nor for her beautiful mind, nor for her profound advice, not even for her bewitching smile, but that a combination of all these things has completely changed my life.”


“I still have fond memories of my tantric experience and the positive after effect it had. In fact I was traveling to the US recently and have had 2 other tantric experiences but none have quite compared to the experience I had under Michelle’s care. While I feel my journey into the world of tantra is still in its early stages I found my session with Michelle to be one of the most powerful yet. Michelle made me feel comfortable and welcome, creating a safe environment for me to let go of my fears and anxieties which allowed me to absorb and enjoy the tantric experience. The after effect was profound. The energy and self awareness that I carried for days afterward was a very new experience. So addictive too! Michelle is a true master in her field and I am very much looking forward to working with her again.”


“Michelle’s positive energy put me at ease and I felt confident and open enough to talk about anything and everything with her. The care and affection she showed me and advice and warmth she gave me, left me quite speechless and with a natural high feeling for days afterwards. I cannot recommend Michelle strongly enough.”


“My life has been transformed through the divine, sacred touch offered by Michelle.

Through my healing journey with her to become a multi orgasmic man I have experienced first hand the awakening that occurs coming back into union with my life-generating sexual force.

Her loving guidance has lead me to embrace my sexuality as part of my whole being, instead of holding it as separate from the rest of myself. As a result I have gained a lived experience infused with pleasure, connection, love and joyful wellbeing.”

Mat Wakeham