Coach in your pocket

Do you crave intimacy, to be truly known and seen, yet hide amongst the wall flowers?

Do you deeply long to feel safe in your skin, your bones, your sexuality?

Do you have a gnawing knowing that there is more to love and sex than your experience?

Are you stuck?  Stuck in resistance to your body, love, your grief?

Stuck in an abusive relationship with yourself … or another?

Have you come to feeling, something has got to change.   Yet not quite sure what that allusive something is?

What if together we review the density of life with new eyes?  And attend to wounds with gentle hands and tender touch?

It may seem a ludicrous statement but I believe sex is the root of all life. 


Because when we unravel our challenges in life and trace that thread back to the core, we find our sexuality is not fully alive or feeling safe and free to express.

 We have through trauma, beliefs, life challenges, education and culture squashed and tamed it … And so our money, our relationships, our creative self, our life cannot thrive.

We lose ourselves and forget how to resource ourselves from this infinite pool of aliveness within, that can when unrestricted from sexual trauma and poor relationships with self and our body, change and enrich our experience of life. 

When we reconnect with that sensual and sexual being-ness, past our lived traumas, past our fears of intimacy, past the mechanics of sex, past our history of messy relationships and back to its innocence.  We discover our essential sexual nature knows how to trust, connect, create. Be alive.  Belong.

I am here to help you remember…

I am here to help you remember the safety and pleasures of bones and flesh, of breath and sex.

I am here to guide you in the creation of a daily self loving lifestyle, that builds strong ground for you to thrive upon in all areas of your life.

I am here to support you so you may surrender and immerse into:

A felt sense of belonging and safety in your own skin and bones, that enables you to reach out to others and explore in the world.

A real and raw, compassionate relationship with yourself.

A fulfilling and orgasmic life.

Rich intimacy with self and others.

Full sexual and creative freedom.

The voice to own your “no” and mean your “yes.”

Your fullest capacity for pleasure.

   The Full Pocket Experience:

 Coach in your pocket is a 1:1 co-created experience tailored to your individual journey of body, love and sex. 

Supporting you to life live from a felt sense of fullness, so you may create, explore and express playfully in the world around you.

Together we will ensure all sessions integrate as a sustainable lifestyle.

What you will receive:

 Introductory 30 minute call.

 One weekly 45 minute zoom 1:1 session.
Unlimited support, via chat app.

Forever yours video course of your choice.

 12 session commitment £1895

6 session commitment for couples £2495

Payment plan available of up to three instalments. 


Who Am I?

My darling,
I am so excited you have found this page.
How amazing to know you feel curious to explore and reclaim all that you deliciously are!
I am deeply passionate about meeting you in the middle of what feels broken or scary and leading you gently towards the
remembering of the fullest expression of YOU in body, love and sex.
It feels important I share with you a glimpse of where I have grown from. 
In  November 2000 I was rudely woken up to my own messy life and the trail of destruction I had created in playing out the events of my childhood on a loop of poor self worth, self sabotage and abusive relationships.  It was easy for me to love and f**king hard for me to be loved. 

 Sex and love were a conflicting internal experience and one tainted with shame, fear and distrust.  My poor body had had enough of my self punishing ways and had resorted to shouting loudly in the form of a life threatening illness.

Meeting, listening to and most of all being gentle with the wounds and limitations around my body and sex has been my greatest challenge.  I will not paint it as a quick fix, easy or fluffy for nothing sincere, of quality or depth comes out of a quick fix. 

It is grounding, REAL and often down on your knees RAW.  

Yet every breakthrough allows space to breathe, loosens the grasp of a wound, a worn out fear, a “smallness”  and opens a new doorway of choice, possibilities and freedom! 

For Twenty Two years I have witnessed courage and beauty in others as they have moved beyond ~

sexual trauma, crippling fear, sexual anxieties, resistance to their own skin and bones, touch, intimacy and relationships.  
A distrust of kindness and life. 
An awkwardness in movement and pleasure.

Habitual self sabotage, unloving beliefs, numbness and emotional disempowerment.  

I am the mother of four fully grown, wise, compassionate, creative children.

The creator of Authentic Roots and founder of sacred tantric touch. 

I share as a trauma and Tantric bodyworker and teacher. 

I am a sexual trauma alchemist through lived experience. Qualified by various bits of paper. 

But above all, the honest and humble tale of my way home to the sacredness of who I am, in body, love and sex.  

 And so my darling,  it is because of deeply knowing the dark days and messy bits, the grief and shame this journey can churn up and spit out …  I desire to fully meet you in with a compassionate heart.

And as for the joys and celebrations … of which there are many, I will be whopping for you the loudest!

All my love

M x 




“Michelle’s calm, gentle teaching has helped me to stop seeing my body
as the enemy, and to reintegrate my mind and body. The classes have
been a joy to participate in and a highlight of my week.”


“I was very nervous before my first session & not sure how safe I’d be but that all evaporated as soon as I met Michelle. Having survived sexual abuse in childhood & young adulthood, I’d always felt a sense of shame about my body & was unable to feel safe within it.
Michelle’s loving & accepting manner helped me to start to leave the past behind. During my yoni massage, she enabled me to feel safe, protected & accepted & I was able to allow painful emotions to be expressed & allow the shame that I’d held around sexuality & pleasure to drop away. I am now left with more of a sense of ownership around my own body, I feel safer within it & overall I feel lighter, more grounded & with a newly found sensitivity & sense of aliveness that I can’t remember ever feeling before. Thank you so much Michelle.”