On-Line Tantra Courses

Awakening The Strength Of The Sensual Woman. 

Embracing the strength of you as a sensual, succulent woman is essential to so many aspects of your happiness and life.

We have this “dis~ability”  in western society of holding ourselves back from our fullest potential by believing and keeping our sensuality and sexuality for relationships, babies and the bedroom.

Your sensuality keeps your life :













and totally in tune with your woman~ness.

Your sensuality keeps you in love and relationship with your body and your life.


michelle roberton sexual trauma therapist, body love activist


This is a beautifully unique 21 day

online course

 offered by Michelle Roberton and Katie Holland, creator of Awakened Bellydance.

 Together we will support you through belly dance, creative expression, body love and tantric meditations in unravelling, witnessing and letting go of any armour that you may have built to protect your femininity or even hidden your glow behind.

We will “hold” a warm and simple space for your womb and sacral to awaken,

your heart to open and connect …

so you may immerse deeply into your skin in new ways and remember the majestic beauty of you as a sensual woman.


michelle roberton sexual trauma therapist, body love activist

Date, time & cost.

January the 5th 2018

21 days.


How the course will be shared:

Upon receipt of payment each participant will be added to a closed Facebook group.

Please message Katie Holland or Michelle Roberton through Facebook so that we may find and add you to the group with ease. 

For every first three days of each week,  a new creative and Tantric method will be shared by myself, followed by three days of deeper explorative dance with Katie Holland. 

Each seventh day will be a day of integrative meditation, reflection and rest.

We will finish on the 21st day with a dance of celebration … celebrating your own adventure and our journey together.

Katie and I will be available daily for support and guidance, with also the gift of sharing within a group of other amazing fellow travellers.

No dance experience required, just a brave, courageous heart and a longing to connect with your true sensual nature. 

michelle roberton sexual trauma therapist, body love activist


“This kind of feminine awakening & connecting course is a must do for any type of woman.

Michelle and Katie ran theirs with sensitivity, grace and joy, yet it was full of power. After spending the last few years realising that my resistance towards women’s gatherings and femininity was actually more of a rejection of the way our society had been portraying these things, I have been slowly re-connecting with unknown parts of myself.

Despite being in a very loving relationship, I was not completely at ease with my sexuality, or enjoying sex as much as I knew was possible, Michelle and Katie’s guidance through their powerful techniques helped me to understand more deeply some of the reasons around this, and I’m definitely feeling more sensual! “

Kat | Brighton