coach in your pocket

Coach In Your Pocket.



I am so excited that you have found yourself drawn to working with me.
Before we begin, I would love to know a little more of the changes you are seeking.


Before you begin to answer the questions below, please take for yourself a pause.
A long, slow, deep breath, so that you may answer from a softer place within you, rather than what instantly comes to the top of your head.


All that we speak of is confidential and you are welcomed into a space free from judgement and shaming.
Please allow yourself to be honest, for it is in our honest communication that I will be best be able to support you.



How it Works:


After filling out this form you will receive an invitation to schedule a 1:1 introductory session.
In our conversation you will have the time and space to ask any questions you may have
and most importantly ensure you feel at ease with me and the way I guide and support.


We may also explore more fully how our work together will look.


If you feel you wish to work with me, we will then schedule your weekly session.


You may already have a pull towards which video course you wish to simultaneously work through, or as we start our work together, I may suggest one.

Please fill out this form to receive an invitation to schedule a 1:1 introductory session.

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