Tantric Meditations. Free Audio


Tantric Meditations For Daily Life.

Sensuous moments are allowing the ordinary to become extraordinary through the method of Tantric Meditations.



Exploring The Breath.

This small audio is an exploration of the breath and how the breath invites us to “feel” awakening our senses and creating a sense of softness and spaciousness within the body.
Perfect for anxiety, trauma, and to bring a sense of rest to the body.



Yoga Nidra.

Explore a small journey of starlight around your body. Allowing spaces of rest from the inside out.



Sensuous Moments.

I would like to invite you to start exploring moments that are already in your daily life to expand upon your sensuality and enrich your life with new ways of feeling …



Spine Light.

Tantra invites us to allow the ordinary to become extraordinary.
In this simple Tantric “method” Michelle guides us to explore our spine.


Self Love And Kindness.

In those moments when our emotions can overwhelm us and pull us out of the present moment and into the ghosts of past hurt, it is essential to be able to hold our own space … just as if we were holding a hurt child.
Often we find it difficult to turn that kindness and compassion around to our own needs.

Here is a little “method” that invites the discomfort of holding one’s own hurt into a pleasure.

It may sound very simplistic but all Tantra and life is simple. It is only us humans that insist on making life difficult and complicated





Sweet Surrender To The Breath.

This short simple practice enables us to feel our breath, immersing and surrendering our body to our own natural rhythm and space of feeling rather than thinking. We can take this into our day as small gifts of self kindness.



Grounding To The Earth.

In this Tantric meditation we “soften” our root ~ anus, yoni and perineum so we may connect fully to the Earth.
Bringing a deeper sense of being grounded and in our bodies rather than our heads,we are less likely to get dragged away by the external chaos. We become more in touch with your sexuality. And we are offered a feeling of support and nourishment to not only our bodies but our whole sense of well being. We also experience a sense of receiving rather than an habitual giving until we are empty.