Body Love



Body Love is an unconditional relationship of devotion, that we have with our own bodies.

It is not something that is acquired externally from society or another, or what we wear or how we look.

It is something we attend to, feel and allow to flower within ourselves from the inside out that deepens into our daily life, the more we nourish, listen to and attend to our bodies as we would to the emotional and physical needs of a child. 

If we do not feel love for our bodies, then it is hard to “live there” and if we do not fully exist as an embodied human being, our life, our relationships, our boundaries and our ability to be intimate and sexual is greatly affected. 

In a relationship of body love, our own judgements, inner body bully and critic hold no power, giving space for self devotion, kindness and care. 

We become intuitively aware of what our body needs and therefore able to take healthy, loving choices and action. 

In turn our bodies, our personalities, our relationships  and our lives respond and change … not because we have forced and faked body confidence but because at last we feel content in our own skin and own an ability and desire to connect.

  We are in love, gratitude and awe for our bodies and all that they have survived and lived through. 

True beauty grows in deep Body Love and glows from our skin.




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In Body Love we are able to :

Release the attachment to our stories, and our own expectations and society’s of perfection.

Move into the comfort and ease of our own skin, claiming our body as our home.

Understand and care for our own body wounds and dissociation/ self destructive tendencies.

Embrace self acceptance and self kindness.

Listen to our body and move intuitively, from the inside out.

Have a greater understanding of our self.

Feel more empowered.

Can alter our moods and levels of happiness.

Create a sense of softening and spaciousness in our bodies and life.

Establish a sense of safety and security in our own bones.

Feel freedom in our body and mind from the misery of a our own inner body bully.

Care less about what society and others think beauty and perfection is.

Feel, Know, own our unique perfection.

Feel a sense of gratitude that effects our perception of life.

Create self respect and healthy boundaries.

Reconnect to our heart.

Enable our actions to arise from a place of be~ing rather than empty/numb do~ing.

Feel into our sexuality and sensuality because our body has “allowed” sensation.

Fill up from the warmth of our bellies and own the fire of our “sexy”.

Simplify life, dropping the drama and noise and reconnecting with the world with creativity, simplicity, curiosity and wonder.

Give ourselves and our bodies permission to rest, restore and be rather than push, punish and do.

Find balance in life.

Feel more at ease in the world.

Allow in intimacy and connected relationships.


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. On line Body Love Mentor ship.

In this unique on line programme we will explore Body Love and your personal blockages to allowing this into your life.

Each week will hold a new theme specific to your Body Story and how that may be re~wired and transformed.

We will work together through how you are feeling in your own body and provide space for you to learn how to deeply listen.

We will explore through methods I have created through my personal journey to body love and embrace the tools of tantric meditation, expressive art, body listening, gentle movement…

And most essentially the breath, to reconnect with your world of sensation, core and feeling.

These methods for Body Love are easy to re-create as part of a daily lifestyle.

It is the small steps you take each day to explore and integrate, that will make the profound life changes you are seeking for yourself and how you feel in your own skin.

 The Body Love Mentor Ship program is offered through Video Lessons, a weekly call and daily access to my support.


Six week private coaching programme of Body Love.


May be paid in three instalments.


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Body Love Workshops In Brighton.

Four classes spread over four weeks in which as a group we explore and work through Body Love.

  Each session providing simple methods to take home and integrate as part of daily life.

Individual support is also given between sessions, if questions and difficulties arise.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a notepad.

Date, Venue, Cost.

Returning soon.


female yoga classes brighton

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