body love

Join me on an exploration of your relationship, with your body with a promise that this Interactive video course, will bring a different quality of how you feel in your own skin and bones.

What if the search for love and belonging could end here?

I know my darling, the world is full of  promises to make us feel better, look perfect, and be more.  An insane idea that drives us beyond a content present, to a future of when we will be good enough, happy, loved.

Yet what if I told you, all the sense of belonging and fulfilment, of joy and pleasure, of love and safety is waiting in you. Not outside of you.

That only you can give yourself permission to be perfect, just the way you are!
I am not here to sell you another shiny bottomless promise.


I am here to empower you to take simple actions to be the change you WANT TO FEEL, by sharing with you the daily body love “diet” I created to unconditionally loving my body.  A  body I used to work so god damn hard everyday to escape from.

What is Body Love?


Body love is our own intimate relationship with self, that is internal, not dependent upon age, size, culture or gender.

This inner experience of love out flows to the world around us. 

Like how a Flower naturally owns and shares its fragrance in the world, this is how you too may feel … accepting all your perfections and imperfections with kindness.

Body love enables us to show up in the world in all that we are.  To meet others in our wholeness and therefore our relationship with life and others are deeply enriched, connected and shamelessly alive!  

I am here to help you remember

Remember the sweetness of innocent and playful pleasure in your body.
The feeling of ease and curious wonder in your body.
 The freedom to express who you are …  NOT what you think you SHOULD be.
 I am here to cheerlead you as you reclaim your ecstatic sense of aliveness.


So my darling, the relentless. life sucking BS search for more and perfection can stop.
To feel home, alive, happy, safe are not empty promises that we can only have when we look like…
They are feelings available to everyone and NOW.
That we can choose to loosen our resistance to and instead claim ownership of.
Creating a rich internal reality that ripples out and changes how we feel and relate to others and life around us.


Our focus has been so driven on “looking like”, “getting to”, “improving” and  “out there” we have forgotten our body as home.

                        How to be in our own skin and bones. To move in awe and joy.  To  delight in our curves and bumps as our unique thumbprint in the world.

Instead of being tender and loving with our bodies, we talk to our bodies with criticism and strive to fit it into shapes it does not belong. 
Driving ourselves further away from self.
And this is the disconnect.  This is why we feel missing and incomplete.  This is why we fill up with the next course, the next lover, the next food fad, the next pill.


For without a body that feels safe, cared for, loved, there is no place for us to call home.

What we will achieve together:

An ability to deeply love and care for your body no matter what it looks like.

A sense of feeling grounded.  Embodied.

An ability to listen to your needs and meet them.  To self parent.

To move in your skin and bones like you actually live there!  In joy and because you own your home!

A loving, intimate connection with self so you may show up in the world just as you are… shameless, full and free!

What you will receive:

16 video classes with simple steps that you can integrate into your daily life to ensure you feel empowered to create body love as a lifestyle.

Audios to support methods discussed in videos.

Bonus audio.

15 minutes of one to one chat time with myself, taken as and when required for extra support or questions.

(Extra one to one time can be purchased.)

Your Investment:

Introduction price of £147.

For lifetime access and a relationship of unconditional love with your body.

So excited to be sharing your adventure of Body Love with you.

This is for you if:

You have a body!

You suffer from spells of anxiety and/or body dysmorphia.

You are ready to tenderly release withheld body trauma.

You feel uncomfortable in your own skin and feel this means you HAVE to change something about how you look.

You feel no connection to your body.

You lack a sense of feeling safe and belonging in the world.

You measure your worthiness in the world on your looks, age, gender or size.

You are in a self sabotage loop.

You desire a relationship of love and intimacy with another and yet hold yourself back.

You feel unfulfilled and disconnected with life and others.

You have lost all sense of self and vo voom for life.

Want an extra dose of Body Love?

Body Bliss:

Join me as we embark on a body love adventure together.

The body bliss bundle is available as a 1:1 coaching. 

It has been purposely designed to ensure you receive the supportive and nurturing environment you need to integrate each part of the process as a whole, gently attending to your individual resistance or trauma.

Creating daily body love, not as a fleeting phase but as a natural relationship you have with your body forever.

The Body Bliss bundle includes:

Instant access to all 16 body love videos and audio.

6 weekly 1:1  zoom calls for extra teachings and support suited to your needs.

Your investment:


Once your payment has been received, I will contact you directly to organise our sessions via email.

Register Now For Body Bliss.



“I’ve had problems for a very long time, my body had completely shutdown.  I had developed vaginasium following a very unhappy incident in my past at the hands of my first partner. I felt completely disconnected from my body, I felt great shame and incomplete as a woman. These feelings have heightened my anxiety and depression.
Michelle through her amazing skills and endless understanding has helped me begin my journey to reconnect with my body, femininity and power. I never expected to make such amazing progress in such a short while (a mere six Weeks).  I would absolutely recommend Michelle to anyone who has issues with intimacy.”
Heather | Sussex

“After Michelle’s sensitive and nurturing tantric massage I felt so alive! My body felt it had let go of carrying a heavy load, it felt freer. Her Yoni massage left me feeling so much more love for this part of my body, she helped me see Yoni as a beautiful part of me that deserves nurturing and attention. I felt safe the whole way through the massage and being my first time doing anything thing like this it felt so natural and freeing.”

Anna | Brighton

Pour yourself a warm cup of something delicious and listen to Sophie’s process of body love with me.

“A journey back to my body and sex.”