Body Bliss.



Body Bliss is a tapas of delights to inspire and nourish the feminine body and soul.

I truly feel that within today’s society and the juggling of many roles and expectations the modern day woman has placed upon her, that dedicated time in a safe, supported, uncomplicated environment with other women is essential to keeping us “juicy” …

our health, happiness and well-being.

 It is up to each woman to take responsibility for her own nourishment.

To own her birthright of her own succulent nature as a strong, sensual, passionate woman embodied in the beauty of the softest curves of womanhood.


This is where Body Bliss can help.


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In Body Bliss we:

Move into the comfort of our own skin, claiming our body as our home.

Listen to our body and move intuitively, from the inside out.

Create a sense of softening and spaciousness in our bodies and life.

Feel into our sexuality, sensuality and woman~ness.

Understand the magic and therefore the responsibility of our sexuality and sensuality beyond baby making and the bedroom.

Own our juicy, wild, succulent innate nature as a fabulous woman.

Respect, honor and move with the different stages of our menstrual cycle and the different phases of our womanhood.

Reconnect to our heart and hear it’s greatest dreams for us.

Enable our actions to arise from a place of be~ing rather than hollow do~ing.

Move and use our internal energy to create and support those dreams and our personal goals.

Fill up from the warmth of our bellies and own the fire of our “sexy”.

Simplify life, dropping the drama and noise and reconnecting with the world with a sense of childlike  simplicity, curiosity and wonder.

Give ourselves and our bodies permission to rest, restore and be.


female yoga classes brighton


About Body Bliss.

Each month the class will hold a new theme that we work through and progress in together as a supportive group of women.

We explore the meaning of womanhood through listening to each other’s experiences, tantric meditation, gentle yoga movement in relation to the theme of the class

and most essentially the breath to reconnect us with our sensuality … our feelings.

The classes are easy to re-create in your own home, exploring a simple tapas of wholesome tools that any woman can integrate into daily life making her “Queen-dom” a more majestic place to shine and live in.

The movements are kind to the body, organic and flowing, filled with grace and elegance and in perfect harmony with the breath creating a feeling of atonement.

No more scattered pieces of self and wild monkey chatter, but direction and focus and clarity.

Each Body Bliss Gathering has a maximum of 8 women.

This is to ensure every unique fabulous woman feels cared for, honoured, heard and safe.

It also allows a harmonious group dynamic in which women come together as a supportive group, again something very much needed in a world where we can feel isolated from our own kind and in need of the comfort, vulnerability, and compassion of female company.


female yoga classes brighton

Venue & Studio Location

Body Bliss we be returning in September 2017.
Dates and Venue to follow.
£20 per class
female yoga classes brighton

All bookings must be made and paid for in advance to ensure your place.
Please wear warm, comfortable clothing that enables you to move freely.
You are welcome to bring your own blanket and a special notepad to make notes during your
Body Bliss Journey.
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