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I wish to inspire you to taste a  life that invites you back to the simplicity, wonder and magic

that a not only Tantra offers as an experience,

but our bodies, our breath, our natural ability to feel pleasure and sensations.

This blog is a tapas of suggestions and inspirations, born out of my own curiosity,

to bring new possibilities of another way.


Nothing~ness.  Tantric Inspiration with Michelle Roberton

Tantric Meditation ~ Do Nothing.

This weeks Tantric Inspiration woke me up at 3am … a scribble in the dark and back to sleep.       Lay down on the ground and do nothing. Each time the mind starts to chatter with ~ “I must do” or “what about this movement” or “this pose” Or “that breath”. Drop it and […]

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Body Love.  Caress. Michelle Roberton sexual trauma & Intimacy Specialist. Brighton

Self Caress.

When was the last time you made a date with your body?  Gifted yourself with beautiful scented oils and lotions. Lit candles … When was the last time you touched your skin, your body … for no reason or agenda. No particular “have to” or sexual reason. Simply pure self devotion. Allow yourself the gift of […]

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