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I wish to inspire you to taste a  life that invites you back to the simplicity, wonder and magic

that a not only Tantra offers as an experience,

but our bodies, our breath, our natural ability to feel pleasure and sensations.

This blog is a tapas of suggestions and inspirations, born out of my own curiosity,

to bring new possibilities of another way.



Stripping Down To The Bones.

Being in tune with your soul, your body, your mind… is a stripping.   A stripping down to your bones. A forgetting of all you have learned, all you have believed… Forgetting their ways … & yours. Bare & vulnerable in your bones you are left with a simplicity. A space unraveled & free from rules, limits & complications […]

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with permission from sacred breasts

Inspiration For the Feminine Soul

We cannot give birth half-heartedly     . It takes ~ Love Focus Presence Courage Vulnerability Trust in something bigger than us The whole of our being And GRIT … a desire to go above and beyond. Our dreams, our goals, our passions require that same dedication and determination. To give birth to who you […]

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Embodiment …

I let this word roll deliciously around my tongue and through my lips.  Such an inviting word, mysterious and yet solid.   When I feel into Embodiment, I find myself in a most whole and contented place. A place where the breath creates smooth, harmonious bridges to my body, my mind, my heart. It is […]

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become the touch

Healing Touch

There is a “food” that our skin yells and hungers for. A “food” that is as essential to our survival as good food and warm shelter… touch. I remember  this from a lecture I attended while studying child psychology: In the 1940s a Doctor caring for motherless babies was surprised to find that although they were […]

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