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I wish to inspire you to taste a  life that invites you back to the simplicity, wonder and magic

that a not only Tantra offers as an experience,

but our bodies, our breath, our natural ability to feel pleasure and sensations.

This blog is a tapas of suggestions and inspirations, born out of my own curiosity,

to bring new possibilities of another way.


With permission from Sacred breasts

Walk In Beauty.

This afternoon while walking my two crazy dogs around the Park, something changed in the way I held myself. Not in my posture, something much deeper, from the inside out.                      And I will try my best to figure out how to share … Strange as […]

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creativity and sexuality workshops brighton

Creative Lubrication.

Mmmm, interesting title huh? Creative Lubrication! So before your mind wanders & yes I am aware where it will be wondering too *grin*  I will tell all … Last Thursday the “weird energy” for it has no other name now, was at my throat ~ I was shown where the ego was still causing that nitty gritty […]

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Michelle Roberton. Brighton. Tantra. Poetry

My Tantric Poetry ~ I Am Wave.

I am a wave. So often I need to withdraw from this shore, Take time to know myself, To be silent, still, Alone. From this distance I can see myself, life more clearly, My interactions with others, My handmade chaos, The next step… I can hear my truth, My hearts beat, Its dreams, its melody. […]

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Labels. Duality of Life

Dropping The Labels.

Good, bad, joy, grief are all labels we give that keep us in judgement of the moment & in non acceptance from what is … They all define how we choose to look at things. And therefore can create a “clinging on” rather than a graceful ability to move with …  our labels can cause suffering […]

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