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I wish to inspire you to taste a  life that invites you back to the simplicity, wonder and magic

that a not only Tantra offers as an experience,

but our bodies, our breath, our natural ability to feel pleasure and sensations.

This blog is a tapas of suggestions and inspirations, born out of my own curiosity,

to bring new possibilities of another way.


With permission from sacred breasts facebook


Of late I have felt “softer” … seems a bit non descriptive really but there it is.            There is a new “softness” to my edges. I see in my mind’s eye that I was like one of those sweets … to chewy to let anything in without a bit of […]

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A Charmed Life. Frog.

A Charmed Life.

Not so very long ago, after posting a video I had created on the benefits of the ancient Jade Egg Practice within my life.  I received a comment that stuck with me. “You must live a very charmed life.” I did not re-act or respond.  Instead I let the words whirl around me until they […]

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Tears, Michelle Roberton. Brighton

Intimate With Tears.

Dear Tears,                                                                                                                                                                  I thought today that I would write to you.  Ask you why you are here on the brink?  I felt I ought to soften, not bare down on my lip against you. I want to know your pain.  I want to hold you, not contain you. For you to flow down my cheeks, […]

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