About Michelle Roberton

What matters to me is your freedom as a sexual being.
What matters to me is your right to feel safe in body, intimacy and sex.  And in turn, safe in your relationship with the world and those around you.
What matters to me is that you shine in the fullest, creative expression of YOU beyond the designs and limitations of fears, resistance and trauma.
There is a turning point, where life can feel like we are sludging through thick oozy mud with our wellies on back to front.  
We long to break free and we fear it too.
 This is the invitation.  
The possibilities to alchemise our poison into our medicine. 
Our resistance into our freedom.
Our tender meeting of our trauma, the doorways beyond its prison.
A “return~in” to body and sex to reclaim the natural equilibrium  of safety and belonging.  So we may “play ~fully” explore in the world.

My Life has been my learning

I believe there is no greater wisdom or compassion than experience.

No intellect can guide us where it has not been.

At the tender age of 49 and what appears many lifetimes later, I am not sure there is any life situation I cannot empathise with.

Life has taught me well with its tapestry of colours…

From a childhood of sexual abuse, anorexia, to drugs, to homelessness, to the loss of a son, from life threatening illness to near a death experience, from marriage to single parent hood, to the loss of both breasts.

But I sit here, writing to you hand on my heart, knowing I would not change a nano second of this life.

It has shaped me into this woman who longs to guide you into your sensual aliveness and a life that deliciously keeps unfolding, as you step free from all that you were designed to be and responsibly own all that you authentically are.

I am passionate about my “work” & “souly” committed to guiding others to reclaim and trust the world of body, sensation, intimacy and love, so they may connect with their “sex” & “own” its limitless power in a healthy, sacred way.

Uniting sexuality, spirituality, body & mind so that sex becomes a sharing of fullness that “spills” in rich abundance into all areas of life. No more separate pieces of who you are.

I deeply care about the “future of sex” for not only us but our children.

I believe we deserve to know & trust, our bodies, touch & intimacy.

We deserve to know our sex as our limitless potential.

We deserve sacred relationships.

I believe it is time to evolve beyond what keeps us “small”, into the undeniable, indefinable connection between who we are ~love, body, sex & life around us.

I have been a therapist of bodywork & energy healing, intuitive/sexual trauma counsellor & voice of meditation since 2002.  It is my inner alchemy that creates the catalyst and co-creation between us,  of your own profoundly intuitive journey of discovering the medicine in the poison.  

I am the founder of Authentic Roots®   

A fluid and individualised “methodology”  that forms a unique body~mind medicine.   

At its rich core Tantric traditions are embraced as a lifestyle to mould a container for the modern day approaches of neurobiology and sexual trauma counselling.

I offer possibilities to explore, methods to curiously play with, ensuring you have full agency of your own process.  

I give you an open heart to hold you and ears to truly listen, in a environment of kindness where all abandoned and shamed parts are welcome, seen, known, heard LOVED and met. 

I invite you to feel safe in the warmth of your own skin.  

I invite you to re~discover who you are and to know a new experience of trust in the world of sensation, intimacy and love.

 I am a Sexual Trauma and Intimacy Alchemist through lived experience.

Qualified by various bits of paper.

But above all, the honest and humble tale of my way home to the sacredness of who I am, in body, love and sex.